Liverpool Martial Arts Classes

Here at Liverpool Martial Arts Club we work to help you develop a dynamic and healthy lifestyle.

If you are interested in any of the below you should pop down and see what our Liverpool martial art classes have to offer you.

Fitness & Personal Development,Karate, Kickboxing, Mua Thai, BJJ, Judo, Kung Fu, MMA, JuJutsu, Boxing, Self Defence and Ninjustu

Liverpool dojo visit hombo in dublin

Get fit and healthy while training in an authentic martial art, Beginners & all levels of martial artist are welcome.

We really do have something positive to offer persons of all ages and build types. Learn the art of winning with empty hands and weapons as your tools.

If you are interested in traditional martial arts weaponry we cover the below.

Weapons taught include; katana sword,, tanto knife, hanbo stick, bo staff, kama, kusari, tessan fan, etc.

Not interested in weaponry do not worry we cover every possible self-defence situation

Have fun learn real world self defence and get fit.

Learn a Martial Arts fighting system that covers all types of scenarios with specific techniques that don't rely on size, strength or gender.

Become an accomplished fighter in a range of disciplines including striking, throws, locks, sweeps, ground work & weapons.

You will gain confidence, improve your fitness and an awareness of your surroundings. Strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

Liverpool Martial Arts Club, 62 Church Road, West Walton, L4 5UF

Adults Thursday & Tuesday 7.30pm to 9pm

Children Sunday 10am

Contact Chris on 07901 578 401

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